Our Data

Quality & Quantity

Sometimes quality and sometimes quantity counts, but in the case of a business, both are important to the database.

Growth of a business is always based on the lead which gets converted; that’s what brings ROI. Our quality and quantity of Email addresses and contact numbers have helped 100’s of companies and hope it will help 1000’s more, which you are also welcomed to be a part of it.

Accuracy & Reliability

The data must be accurate enough for the intended use and should be entered only once, although they may have multiple uses.

The data should show reliability and consistency in data collection processes at all acquisition points and over time.

Progress in achieving performance targets should relate to real changes and not deviations in approaches or methods of data collection.

How We Do It

We collect Raw Data as per clients’ requirement from 3rd Party vendors and filter with our advanced tools by doing email verification and HLR lookups for Mobile numbers. This will help our client to get the Data which are relevant and authenticate.