About Us

What makes us unique? 

Data Webster is a comprehensive Database platform with over 100 million business databases across India with different segments. Years of experience has taught us that the only way to get the best unique data set.


Single Destination for multi-marketing strategies with us like Bulk SMS, Call Center and Digital Marketing.

Data Refining  

Data Refining can eliminate the assistance of advanced filtration, the verification will be done on email ids and the mobile number to overcome bounce and invalid numbers rate to take care of sleek flow to reach the target customers.

Updated Database  

Data Webster directory is updated promptly to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data.

Data Recoiling,  

We assure that our database will be pure feasible and results-oriented, we take back the data within a stipulated period and recoil the same and our expert will analyze the provided data and we can offer you fresh data based on our analysis.

Vision, Mission and Values

  • Data Webster is the leading platform to connect the business with emergent customers. Our core expertise is providing the standard database which can enhance your business goals, Increase the sales/revenue, brand visibility and ROI.

  • The Data Webster is a proactive platform which intensifies the possibility of achieving an appreciative marketing strategy.

  • Our Database enabled with a technology-driven process like data cleansing, data appending methodologies to deliver the efficient result.

  • We are dedicated professionals who meet the distinctive needs of the client’s.

  • We are the best database service provider for any business that is trying to reach out to entities in India with business opportunities and ideas.

  • Now you can easily expand your contacts by reaching the decision-makers of the companies and leverage business opportunities.

Core Objectives

  • As the database vendor, the company aims to target all major industries and helps every business to find the right customers and meet their business goals.

  • As one of the best database providers, we value the quality, accuracy, authenticity, and reliability of the database to satisfy clients and meet their business goals.

  • To manage the database at all levels, we have various quality controls to verify the mobile number and the authenticity of the email using HLR Lookup and MX Records.

Our Core Values

1. Commitment
2. Accuracy
3. Uprightness
4. Transparency
5. Quality
6. Authenticity

Ananth Prasath P (Founder & Director)

The quality of a leader is determined by integrity. Ananth Prasath is one of those examples that say honesty with oneself can make a real difference in relationships with the outside world.

He believes that our actions can inspire others to dream, learn and become more. With these beliefs, dedication, and passion for work, he asserts that a workplace is a place of worship.

In the year 2009, started with KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd, with thinking that customer service is a priority. Within a decade, he started KAP Call Center Pvt. Ltd., and Arishna Digital Communication Pvt. Ltd. with the mentorship of Krishna Priya M and the assistance of co-directors Mr. Jaitin Singh and Ms. Suga Priya.